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Project Management

DragonWave-X project management services can provide management of full turnkey projects or portions of projects, as the customer chooses.  

Program Management Office (PMO)

The PMO resource team provides a single point of contact between customer, DragonWave-X and market project resources. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Tracking, managing, and reporting on progress all aspects of the project. 
  • Overall project plan, communications, costs, resources, quality, customer satisfaction, deliverables, change orders, oversights, issues
  • Regular reporting on project KPIs and status
  • Provides Microsoft Project or other project tracking tools to provide transparency to project stakeholders
  • All regional project manager and sub-resources report to this PMO resource

Regional Project Manager (RPM)

The Regional Project Manager is an assigned resource which can technically manage all local resources within a given market. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Tracking, managing, and reporting on progress all aspects within the assigned market area
  • Ensures all resources are performing daily as per PMO project plan
  • Manages local resources to ensure fully trained, meets or exceed all safety regulations
  • Ensure install quality meets or exceeds specifications
  • Change orders, costs within assigned market area
  • Human resources within assigned market area
  • Ensures all local crews have required equipment, tools and resources
  • Provides final closeout package, as-built, for each completed microwave link installation
  • Resolve local market issues are required, and escalates issues which cannot be resolved

DragonWave-X’s Project Management service objective is to own as much or as little as defined by our customer needs.