Long Haul Full Outdoor Microwave System

The DragonWave-X Harmony Trunk C is a cost optimized, long-haul trunking microwave solution that provides up-to 4 RF carriers per cabinet (3+1 / 4+0).  The Harmony Trunk C is ideally suited for zero-footprint network installations with its all outdoor weather hardened cabinet.  The cabinet can be installed close to the antenna reducing traditional trunk waveguide losses and eliminating the need of dehydrators. The system’s compact design and flexibility enables rapid and simple installation, fast network roll-out with simplified civil works. The competitive features of the Harmony Trunk C strongly position this solution for backbone applications in addition to spur, access and aggregation layer communications.

Solution Highlights

  • Common architecture with full Indoor Harmony Trunk platform. Compatible existing Harmony Trunk cards
  • Cost-optimized for up to 4 RF carriers (expandable up-to 8) to achieve  multi Gigabit data throughput
  • Supports East-West network configurations with a single shelf or cabinet
  • ATPC and RTPC/MTPC with 20dB range
  • Diversity modes: FD, RX SD, TX+RX SD, Hybrid SD
  • High Power and Extra Boost up to +35dBm (software upgradable)
  • Full outdoor, zero footprint up to 4+0 or 3+1
  • Smooth migration from legacy TDM to partial TDM/IP to full-IP via software setting
  • Advanced feature support: XPIC and Diversity
  • Multi-baseband interface: STM-1/OC-3 electrical or optical, and E-1/T-1
  • Flexible configuration: zero-footprint all outdoor cabinet / optional indoor shelf
  • DragonWave-X NetViewer EMS management support