NetViewer Training | DragonWave-X

General NetViewer Network Management System

  • 2-day course targeted at individuals who manage and/or maintain DragonWave-X networks using DragonWave-X’s NetViewer Network and Element Management System.
  • Maximum capacity 10 students.
  • Prerequisites:
    • Working knowledge of Windows or Unix/Linux operating systems with respect to installation of applications (recommended, but not mandatory)
    • Working knowledge of SNMP management, OIDs and MIBs.
  • Course content: 
    • System administration, database backup, User account management and security
    • Device discovery and population of network map. Navigation within the NMS/EMS, use of the network map, use color coding for various network element status, Connectivity and access to network elements via NetViewer NMS/EMS. Includes HTTP, CLI/Telnet, SSH
    • Use of Configuration menus, Information menus, and Inventory information
    • Performance management and monitoring. Performance graphing.
    • Alarm and trap management, categorization and prioritization of traps, alarm acknowledgement, alarm filtering, alarm history, exporting of alarms to .csv file, alarm balloons and alarm count
    • Device redundancy and testing of redundancy using NetViewer
    • Use of DragonWave-X Merlin Utilities for troubleshooting
  • Includes hands-on component, and a knowledge test. Attendees who successfully complete the course will earn a certificate of completion.


Path Manager Course

  • 2-day course targeted at individuals who manage and/or maintain DragonWave-X transport networks using DragonWave-X’s NetViewer software.
  • Maximum Capacity of 10 students
  • Prerequisites:
    • Completion of NetViewer General Course
  • Course Content:
    • Overview of the system architecture, components, and requirements of NetViewer and Path Manager
    • Installation and required network configurations of Path Manager for Packets
    • Use of system menu including connections and sub-network panels, routing features, and path structure window
    • Path Manager for Packet installation, configuration, and maintenance
    • E2E Ethernet services concepts, automatic discovery, and provisioning
  • Includes hands-on component if students have a working copy of NetViewer and Path Manager on their laptops and connection to a testbed.