Microwave Link Installation

Microwave link installation is performed by DragonWave-X qualified and certified crews.  Crews can be scaled to meet the build-out market demand and project schedule.  All resources within a crew adhere to all local safety laws and carry safety certifications.  

Microwave link installation includes:

  • Rooftop, tower or monopole locations through use of riggers (crane, bucket extra)
  • Installation of dish antenna on existing antenna mast
  • Installation of ODUs and IDUs as per link design
  • Running, labeling and securing of required cables (Cat5e, IF, fiber, power)
  • Termination of connectors at ODU and IDU ends, with assurance of connectivity, strain relief, taped/waterproofed/tie wrapped.
  • Installation of grounding cable
  • Installation of DC power cable from customer provided power source and breakers
  • Validation of correct power and grounding of system
  • Validation all of cables through cable testers
  • Confirmation of installation quality through established punch-list
  • Detailed photographs of installation
  • Comprehensive MOP – outlining installation procedures and configuration details
  • Upgrades from 1+0 to 2+0, capacity upgrades etc., DragonWave-X will construct a comprehensive MOP, obtain diagnostics prior and post services work delivered in the Close out Package (COP)


  • Line of Sight, Site, construction and link configuration documentation provided
  • Construction is complete prior to crew arrival, site ready for microwave installation    
  • Cable conduit (run) is open and easily accessible (closed conduits are not included)
  • Site access is granted, available, provided by customer or their representative

 Watch Harmony Radio Lite Installation


Link Alignment and Testing

After microwave link installation, DragonWave-X certified resources perform microwave link alignment and testing. 

The link alignment and testing service includes: 

  • Precise alignment of antennae at both ends of the link
  • Any final radio configurations as required
  • Validation of traffic continuity of the link at the link designed throughput speeds
  • Measurement of latency and throughput values using standard RFC tests
  • 1 (one) hour Bit Error Rate test to confirm error-free traffic for the link between link demark endpoints (RJ45 connector terminating at local switch or BTS)
  • Completion of Acceptance Test Plan


  • Site access is granted and available
  • Connectivity of microwave link demarcation end points into, or configuration/management of customer owned site switch or BTS beyond scope of service


Close Out Package

With the completion of each microwave link installation, DragonWave-X provides a complete Closeout Package (COP) which includes as a minimum:

  • Marked up (customer supplied) construction documentation showing “as-built” for each site
  • Microwave test results as output from link testing (RFC, BER)
  • Radio configuration and diagnostic files, including RF actuals vs. RF design parameters
  • Photos of complete installation – cabinet, lines, tower etc.
  • Site coordinate information
  • Serial numbers of each product deployed


Microwave Link Decommissioning

Microwave link decommissioning is performed by DragonWave-X qualified and certified crews.  Crews with remove existing legacy equipment and dispose in accordance by customer or in an environmentally conscience manner.