The DragonWave-X line-of-sight service is intended to provide an accurate assessment of the viability of a planned link between two points for microwave deployment. While as much detail as possible is considered during the planning stage, a validation of the link with an on-site visit and visual verification is a critical step in the deployment of the microwave network.

The line-of-sight service includes:

  • On-site visit and visual verification of the two end points
  • Confirm Line-of-Sight at identified radiating centre line and minimum antenna height
  • Ensures no obstructions in the path such as trees, current structures at the time of survey
  • Using best judgement and tools, ensure that adequate Fresnel zone clearance is observed for each on path object
  • Identify objects which may restrict link performance – e.g. rooftop objects, conductive metal surfaces, edges of roof, standing pools of water
  • If required, analyse at ¼ points along of path to identify potential obstructions
  • Recommended placements at each endpoint for the microwave antenna equipment
  • General Pass/Fail on Line-of-Sight for specified path
  • Provide alternatives if planned path does not achieve line-of-sight
  • One set of flashpoints
  • Digital photos for the link, 360 degrees, near and far field
  • Comprehensive line of sight survey report

DragonWave-X offers 3 types of Line-of-Sight services:

  • Flash LoS – Crews climb to the required mounting heights simultaneously while flashing occurs on one end while the far side team takes photo’s
  • Path Drive – Intended for longer paths or where a lower cost option is required by customer
  • Drone LoS – Issues with access to a site or cost would influence decision for either a 1 way or 2 way Drone LoS

DragonWave-X can leverage our standard LoS template or use one tailored for your specific project requirements. Our Quality Control department reviews all LoS deliverables to ensure you only review a quality finished product.