New high capacity IP applications are driving existing networks to capacity. Yet, wiring buildings or base stations to a fiber backbone is slow and expensive. To meet the growing need for more services and capacity, today’s backhaul networks need to be reliable, scalable, IP optimized with minimal life cycle costs. DragonWave's line of Packet microwave solutions include:

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    Harmony Enhanced

    Harmony Enhanced is a compact all-outdoor radio in the 6-42 GHz spectrum that delivers high spectral efficiencey, industry leading system gain and an intgegrated Carrier Ethernet switch to optimize the Operator's total cost of ownership.

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  • Harmony Enhanced MC product

    Harmony EnhancedMC

    Harmony EnhancedMC is a high capacity packet microwave that builds upon the Harmony Enhanced family by delivering a multi-carrier channel system and doubling the capacity available in a single ODU.

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