To expedite rapid market build-out, DragonWave-X offers an in-market logistics and pre-configuration service.

Logistics services are intended to manage all microwave equipment and components intended for installation and commissioning during the build-out deployment phase within a given market.  The services are intended to be located in market in customer provided warehouses.  Alternatively, warehousing space can be obtained as a separate service.

The Pre-Configuration service is intended to move the equipment configuration work, typically performed on a roof top, to the warehouse.  Executed within the local market warehouse and prior to releasing equipment to installation crews, trained DWX technical resources will pre-stage and pre-configure microwave equipment as per design.  The intent is to reduce potential rooftop/tower errors, additional truck rolls, time and cost.

The scope of work included with logistic and pre-staging services:

  • Receive raw materials (radios, antennas, cables),
  • Once provided with Notice-to-proceed, kit into microwave links as per provided design
  • Set-up and validate equipment operation
  • Pre-configure equipment for advanced parameters including (for example):
    • IP parameters
    • RF and IF parameters specific to the microwave design
    • SNMP parameters per network management design
    • Quality of Service (QoS) parameters per design
    • Alarm Thresholds, Modulation and Timing parameters per design
    • Other customer specific configurations as per customer request
  • Pre-label equipment 
  • Capture serial numbers per respective site, record in tracking tools
  • Create MOP instruction packages for each link for crews to install
  • Hand off kitted links and all installation documents to specific installation crews
  • Manage and track equipment pickup, scan kit barcode and obtain signatures on delivery to crew
  • Manage all spares, returns from crews, RMAs and quarantine materials
  • Manage all inventory tracking using bar code scanners